Customizing My Mac 6500

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My Mac Specs:

When I got this Mac, it was a bare case. I've been building it back since November, 2005.

PowerMac 6500
(Based on the Gazelle architecture, in a sleek tower case)
Operating System
Mac OS 9.2.2
500mhz G3 1MB cache Sonnet CPU Upgrade
(Original stock CPU was a PowerPC 225Mhz 603e)
128MB 60ns 168-pin EDO DIMM (64MBx2)
ATI Radeon Mac Edition 32MB PCI video card (VGA,DVI,S-Vid)
Apple TV/FM Tuner + AV/S-Vid Video system
Firewire/USB combo PCI card (Orange Micro)
80GB IDE Hard Drive
Yamaha CRW 2100S SCSI CD Burner (16x/10x/40x)
Pioneer U05S SCSI DVD-ROM (10x/40x)
3.5" Floppy Drive
250MB USB Iomega Zip Drive
100MB SCSI Iomega Zip Drive (for swapping in top bay)
2.1GB SCSI Hard Drive (for swapping in top bay)
Apple Twisted Pair CSII Ethernet card
Best Data External Serial Smart Modem
SRS 3D Surround Sound System with built in subwoofer.
External Surround Sound and Subwoofer connected also.
User Interface
Optical 5-button WheelScroll Mouse (with blue-lit Scroll-Wheel)
Standard ADB Apple Keyboard
Game Elements "Recoil" Analog USB GamePad
Kensington USB WebCam
19" Quantex Flatscreen VGA Monitor

Finally, I replaced the green Power LED and DVD drive LED with blue LEDs.
I've also added 2 blue cathode tubes. One is on the inside to shine through
the Apple logo cutouts, and one is on the bottom to shine from under the feet.
The lights have an on/off switch underneath, near the left rear foot.