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[ Community ]

This is intended to be a resource for Dreamcast gamers to stay in touch by a variety of methods. I hope to do a lot more with this page in the future.

Java Chat
PC users can click here to connect to #dcchat by a java client. (Nothing to install, but you must have java enabled on your computer). A java IRC client for use with Planetweb 3.0 users is in the works. I plan to incorporate it into this site to make it as easy as possible for people to use.

IRC Chat
You can often find me and a few others at the IRC network: / #dcchat
PlanetWeb users can click this link to go directly to the chat room:
Most Dreamcast browsers have a built in IRC client. Planetweb is the best for this. Dreampassport 3.0, 3.15, 3.16, and the trial version of DP Premier have IRC, but it is very limited.

Ch@b / Dreamcall
November keeps a Chab Directory for DP/XDP users to IM. If you have a Chab ID, please take a moment to register it there. I'd like to start a Dreamcall directory soon. I'll ask for sumissions once I get things configured properly here.

Since we can now create chab accounts again, we should all take advantage of this. Go Here to learn more. I hope to see more of you online soon. ;)

Groups / Forums
There are a few great yahoo groups that can help you with pretty much any Dreamcast related issue:

XDP Browsers GroupDC Browsers Group
Online ConsolesDreamcast Survivors

Web Tools
If you'd like to create a web page with your Dreamcast, Planetweb has provided some excellent tools. Head on over to Planet WebMaster to get started.

If you wish to contact the Psilocybin Team about the project, then please do so via the DCEmu Forums.

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