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[ Free Javascript Games ]

These games will work on a Dreamcast or PC. Most of these games require a PC or XDP/DP/DK browser. The Battleship game runs VERY slowly on the Dreamcast and the Checkers game takes 2-3 moves to your 1 on DC.

Compatibility Legend:

PC = Any PC with Javascript 1.2 and up
DP = Any XDP, Dreampassport, or Dreamkey
PW = PlanetWeb browsers 2.0 and up

  • 3D Maze  (PC) *new
  • Battleship  (PC,DP)
  • BlackJack  (PC,DP)
  • BlackJack Deluxe  (PC,DP)
  • Breakout  (PC) *new
  • Checkers  (PC,DP,PW 3.0)
  • Checkbox Challenge  (PC,DP,PW)
  • Concentration  (PC) *new
  • Connect 4  (PC,DP,PW)
  • Connecting Dots  (PC) *new
  • Country Music Kit  (PC,DP,PW)
  • Crab Race  (PC) *new
  • Face Memory  (PC,DP) *new
  • Lights Out  (PC,DP,PW)
  • Magic Squares  (PC) *new
  • Mind Reader  (PC,DP) *new
  • Mine Sweeper  (PC,DP)
  • Peg Solitaire  (PC,DP)
  • Poker  (PC,DP,PW)
  • Pong  (DP version)
  • Pong  (PC version)
  • Raise a Pokemon  (PC,DP)
  • Simon  (PC) *new
  • Smaller Pong  (DP)
  • Spacebombs  (PC,DP,PW)
  • Space Invaders  (DP version)
  • Space Invaders  (PC version)
  • Space Invaders  (PC version 2)
  • Tongue Twisters  (PC,DP,PW)
  • Towers of Hanoi  (PC,DP,PW 3.0)

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