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[ Dreamcast-Related Links ]

  • Online Consoles
    Keeping online gaming alive and well for the Sega Dreamcast!

  • DC Emulation
    A great place for emulators and homebrew games for your Sega Dreamcast.
Yahoo Groups:
  • XDP Browsers Group
    Where to go to discuss Dreamcast browsers... especially PSD related software.

  • Dreamcast Browsers Group
    A great place for general discussion of, (help with), Dreamcast browsers. (word of warning: custom browser talk is generally not welcome there).
  • Planetweb Portal
    Great site for game saves and sofdec videos. (ONLY Planetweb browsers can download game saves from there!)

  • Booyaka
    Great site for downloading/uploading game saves. (Works with ANY Dreamcast browser)

  • ISAO Guide
    A lot of work has gone into figuring out ISAO registration and the fruits of it can be found here! If you'd like an ISAO account for chab or online gaming, this is the place to go.

  • The Netlink League
    The one-and-only community for Saturn Netlink gamers. If you have a Sega Saturn and a Netlink, be sure to check this out. If you have a Saturn, but no Netlink, be sure to get one!

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