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The 4th release of XDP is here!

Download the latest version of the browser below:

First things first... You must download ALL 15 parts of XDP. Make sure all rars are in the same directory and extract the FIRST part with WINRAR. Winrar will do the rest. You will be left with a CDI image that you need to burn to a 700 MB CD with either Discjuggler 3.5 or higher OR Alcohol 120%, (YES, it WILL fit). If you prefer to convert to a Nero image, you may convert it with CDI2NERO which can be found easily on the web with any search engine.

Now on to the more important info concerning XDP...

This version of Dream Passport is intended to be viewed with the LARGE or NORMAL setting.

There are 3 user agents available: Original, Expanded, & MSIE 6.0. "Original" is necessary for downloading game saves from certain sites that check user agents. "Expanded" is the best overall surfing browser as it gives access to the most sites. "MSIE 6.0" is available for some sites that only accept an MSIE 6.0 browser.

All that being said... it is important to understand that the internet has changed drastically since these browsers were first developed back around 2000. The technology used in these browsers is approximately 10 years old and there are many sites that will be crippled or not work at all. Dreamcast browsers do NOT use css and are only compatible with javascript 1.1 and some 1.2. Therefore, many if not most webpages will not display correctly and many javascript functions will be unavailable. Obviously, you won't be viewing Youtube on your Dreamcast. At this point, the browsers are good for seeing what the Dreamcast could do back in its hayday, but you probably won't be doing online banking etc. This website is intentionally compatible with all DC browsers, so you can always come here for Dreamcast saves and various other content.

XDP_LE_R4.part001.rar  (5MB)
XDP_LE_R4.part002.rar  (5MB)
XDP_LE_R4.part003.rar  (5MB)
XDP_LE_R4.part004.rar  (5MB)
XDP_LE_R4.part005.rar  (5MB)
XDP_LE_R4.part006.rar  (5MB)
XDP_LE_R4.part007.rar  (5MB)
XDP_LE_R4.part008.rar  (5MB)
XDP_LE_R4.part009.rar  (5MB)
XDP_LE_R4.part010.rar  (5MB)
XDP_LE_R4.part011.rar  (5MB)
XDP_LE_R4.part012.rar  (5MB)
XDP_LE_R4.part013.rar  (5MB)
XDP_LE_R4.part014.rar  (5MB)
XDP_LE_R4.part015.rar  (1.98MB)

Notice: Unfortunately... due to a current overload of life, I won't be able to offer the full version with MPEGs and Sofdecs for now. However, you may contact me to be put on a waiting list. If you wish to contact me for any other reason, you may also do so via the XDP Browser Group.

Enjoy the internet on your Dreamcast!

Extra BG Tutorial

I've written a tutorial on how to make your own Extra BG PVRs. If you would like to have your own image displayed on your Dreamcast's BIOS screen, be sure to check it out.

You can download it here:

ExtraBG Tutorial
EXTRABG_TUT.rar  (126KB)

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